The Love Story of Alice & Tom

Alice and Tom's wedding at the picturesque Dunes in Palm Beach, Sydney, was nothing short of magical. The venue, known for its stunning beachfront and serene atmosphere, set the perfect backdrop for a celebration filled with love and elegance. Central to this unforgettable day was the exquisite wedding stationery that added a touch of personalised charm and sophistication, perfectly capturing their unique love story.

LUMIÈRE Welcome Sign Decal on an Ornate Mirror

The first impression guests received upon arriving at Alice and Tom's wedding was the stunning welcome sign decal on an ornate mirror. This elegant piece served as a beautiful introduction to the celebration, immediately capturing the attention and hearts of all who attended. The ornate mirror, with its intricate frame and timeless appeal, was a perfect canvas for the welcome decal.

The decal, expertly designed, featured delicate hand lettering and illustration elements that warmly greeted guests. The reflective surface of the mirror not only added a touch of glamour but also created a sense of depth and dimension, making the welcome message stand out even more. This unique choice of a welcome sign perfectly encapsulated the blend of tradition and modernity that characterised Alice and Tom's wedding.

The ornate mirror was strategically placed at the entrance of the ceremony, ensuring that it was the first thing guests saw as they arrived. This thoughtful placement made the welcome sign not just a functional piece, but also a key part of the overall decor, setting the tone for the rest of the event. 

Linen Seating Chart with On-the-Floor Draping

One of the standout elements of Alice and Tom's wedding decor was the linen seating chart. This elegant piece, draped gracefully on the floor, served both a functional and aesthetic purpose. The soft, flowing fabric added a romantic touch, seamlessly blending with the natural beauty of Palm Beach. Guests were guided to their seats with ease, thanks to the clear and stylish layout of the chart. The on-the-floor draping created an inviting and luxurious atmosphere, setting the tone for the evening and subtly echoing the flowing nature of their relationship.

Sea Shell Place Cards with Hand Calligraphy

In a nod to the coastal setting of their wedding, Alice and Tom opted for sea shell place cards, each adorned with beautiful hand calligraphy. These unique place cards were a delightful surprise for guests, adding a personal and whimsical element to the table settings. The intricate calligraphy, executed with precision and artistry, transformed simple sea shells into cherished keepsakes that guests could take home as a reminder of the special day. Each shell symbolised the unique journey of Alice and Tom, who met on a beach years ago and fell in love under the open sky.

Menus with Bespoke Illustrations & Hand Lettering

The attention to detail in Alice and Tom's wedding stationery extended to the menus, which featured bespoke illustrations and hand lettering. Each menu was a piece of art, showcasing custom illustrations that reflected the couple's journey and the beauty of their chosen venue. The hand lettering added a personal touch, making each menu unique and memorable. These menus not only informed guests of the culinary delights to come but also served as conversation starters and keepsakes. Every illustration told a part of their story, adding depth and meaning to the dining experience.

Table Numbers and Bar Menu with Hand Lettering

Continuing the theme of personalised elegance, the table numbers and bar menu were also crafted with hand lettering. The table numbers, stylishly displayed, helped guests find their seats while adding to the overall aesthetic of the decor. The bar menu, featuring the couple's signature cocktails and favourite drinks, was both functional and gorgeous. The hand lettering tied all the stationery elements together, creating a cohesive and sophisticated look that was consistent throughout the event. Each cocktail had a story behind it, whether it was their first shared drink or a favourite from their travels together.

A Love Story Etched in Stationery

Alice and Tom's wedding stationery at Dunes in Palm Beach, Sydney, exemplified how thoughtful details can elevate a wedding. The welcome decal on the mirror, linen seating chart with on-the-floor draping, sea shell place cards with hand calligraphy, menus with bespoke illustrations and hand lettering, and the elegantly crafted table numbers and bar menu all contributed to a celebration that was uniquely theirs.

Their stationery not only elevated the aesthetics of the wedding but also added layers of personalisation that made the day even more special for the couple and their guests. Every piece told a part of Alice and Tom's love story, from the beach  to the adventures that brought them closer together, creating an atmosphere of warmth and intimacy.

If you're planning your wedding and seeking inspiration, take a cue from Alice and Tom. Invest in wedding stationery that speaks to your style, tells your story, and adds that extra touch of magic to your special day. At Dunes in Palm Beach, Sydney, Alice and Tom's wedding proved that with the right details, your dream wedding can become a reality. By weaving their love story into every element, they created a truly unforgettable celebration that will be remembered for years to come.



Styling: Fola Styling 

Florals: Elle Bore

Photography: Library of Arasaije

Venue: Dunes Palm Beach