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originally posted on october 2, 2017

The beauty of Christie’s creations is all encompassing; created through a true labour of love and craftsmanship, with details and intricacies that render your couture bridal dreams true. 

We chat with Christie to find out more about her background, process and inspirations.

Can you share more about your background & philosophy — including the launch of your other label Christie Nicole in 2013, and what has led you to designing one-of-a-kind wedding gowns?

I learnt the craft of sewing and creating with my grandma as a little girl, later graduating finishing a Bachelor of Design to hone her craft.

I then went onto intern with designer Karen Walker in New Zealand straight after graduating and then ended up staying the for about 8 months.

I came home & that’s when I started my label Christie Nicole in 2013, hand making lingerie from my grandma’s home.

I wasn’t until the start of last year I think it was, that a girl I knew through friends (Kym) asked me to make her wedding dress & reception dress. At first I was like gosh I don’t know if I can do this but a part of me was just like go for it, you won’t know until you test the waters.

Kym got married in November 2016 and then after her wedding, which I also got to experience which was amazing, that’s when I started releasing all the photos of her dress/s.

Everything then just fell into to place and I started getting all these amazing brides-to-be’s contacting me asking me if I would make their dream dresses. I thought this is crazy!

It has been one of the best journeys so far, I’m pretty ecstatic. I’m working with some amazing women at the moment and I owe Kym a big thank you for believing in me and pushing me. 

Where do you find inspiration and is there anything in particular that is speaking to you right now?

I usually find inspiration from pretty much everywhere. Ranging from latest looks and styles, scrolling through social media, nature, how I’m feeling at the time etc.

Right now I’m obsessed with sheer garments and 3D aplique, creating my own fabric in a way. Like I did with my first dresses. 

What is the ‘typical’ flow and process of designing the perfect gown for individuals?  

Firstly, I will meet the bride and sit down have a chat, get to know them and go through everything they love and what draws them to their perfect gown.

Then comes the designing and when the design is confirmed I start the sampling process and once the last sample is confirmed for fit I then move onto making the actual garment/s.

It’s such an amazing experience and such a massive learning curve, I really enjoy it!

Any advice for brides to be who are considering embarking on the bespoke gown design process?  

I’m not sure about advice at this point, I will say it is an amazing journey from start to finish. With myself, it is such a detailed & intricate process working really closely together creating your dream bridal gown/s. 

What is next for you?

Everything has just been so crazy busy with a wedding every month up until May 2018 at the moment. So I think at the moment I’m going to take everything as it comes, I wasn’t expecting to get into bridal it just happened at a blink of an eye.

In the future, dreaming of opening a little office space because at the moment I’m working out of my bedroom, haha.

—  Christie 

Christie Nicole Bridal
@christie_nicole (intimates label)

Photographed by Carly Brown

Erin Cusack